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Lego helicopter!

Your Life’s Work

I’ve previously posted about my current situation, and how I feel that a change is coming. At the same time I’m unsure what exactly it is that I want to do. I have achieved all or most of the things that I set out to 10 years ago and now I need something new. That might be a new set of goals, or perhaps it will be less achievement-oriented. Perhaps I need to find out what my purpose is - what I should be doing with myself every day. I know that it will be creative, but the rest is yet to be discovered.

I read a brilliant article on Harvard Business Review yesterday but have misplaced the link, so more on that when I find it again. For now, I want to include something I read today. An article on Fast Company about how you would know if you had found your “life’s work”. This resonated with me - as I read down the list I felt that I could agree with every one. 

8 signs you’ve found your life’s work:

1. It doesn’t feel like work.

Your life’s work is not a “job”—it’s a way of living. Your work enables you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your lifestyle includes your work. You frequently stop and think to yourself, “Wait, am I seriously working right now?” You can hardly distinguish between work, play, and life—as they are all intertwined. In everything you do, you are constantly pursuing your vision of optimal living.

2. You are aligned with your core values. 
Your life’s work is an extension of your beliefs and worldview. You live in integrity because what you do is in accordance with who you are. This alignment will inspire you to move a small mountain if that’s what you have to do to realize your vision. Every day you work to manifest and actualize the world you imagine because by making it so, you’ll make the world more alive, beautiful and well.

3. You are willing to suffer.
Passion comes from the latin word ‘pati,’ which means ‘to suffer.’ Your life’s work is less about following a passion and more about your willingness to suffer along the way. The journey will be immensly challenging at times. You’ll be exposed to unexpected challenges and setbacks and you may endure hardship, rejection, and sacrifice. These roadblocks will motivate you. In fact, you see the short-term pain and discomfort as tremendous opportunities for learning, growth and depth; they’re critical to appreciating the beautiful and joyous moments.

4. You experience frequent flow.
You naturally and often fall “in flow,” deeply immersed by your work and the present moment. At 1:13 p.m. you realize five hours have gone by since you looked at the clock last. Or, you look up and realize it’s 12:21 a.m. and your instinct is to keep creating. Flow isn’t something you have to force; it just happens.

5. You make room for living.
Your work provides you the ability to live fully and enjoy life. Though you feel captivated and enthralled by your work, you make room for healthy routines like fitness, connection, spontaniety, and play. These activities re-energize and enable you to live a holistically fulfilling life.

6. Commitment is an honor.
When you discover your life’s work, the question of commitment is easy. There is no hestitation or analyzation as to whether or not the work is right for you. Your heart says yes. Your mind says yes. Your body says yes. Commitment to your work feels like breahting. You cannot imagine spending your time dedicated to any other purpose.

7. The people who matter notice.
"You look vibrant!" and "I’ve never seen you so healthy and happy!" and "This is without question what you’re meant to be doing!" are among the comments you may hear from the people closest to you when you’re on the right path. It’s important to note that these people who care for you deeply may also be the first to question and worry in the early stages. But, once you are thriving, they’ll notice and lovingly support your efforts.

8. You fall asleep exhausted, fulfilled, and ready for tomorrow.
You go to sleep each night grateful for the day. You know you’re on the right path, you gave the day your all, and you can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow. This is your life and you cannot imagine living it any other way.

Amber Rae on Fast Company

Read the original article here

Custom Made

I’ve heard it said that the internet is “boring”, that there’s “nothing good to look at”. To be honest, I think that is probably 99% true. Thankfully, the remaining 1% is both fascinating and inspiring and it still leaves us with a world of incredible content to be discovered.

Take Custom Made, for example. You click on an anonymous looking link and it opens up a whole new world of possibility. Custom Made is a site which connects customers with incredibly skilled makers. And it helps that the site itself is beautifully made.

In a world where it can often seem that mass production and the demands of consumer culture are marginalising traditional skills, Custom Made is a real breath of fresh air. It is a testament both to the resilience of creativity and to the power of new technology to enhance sometimes ancient traditions. 

I recommend that you head over to the site, take a look at the galleries and maybe even create your own ‘idea book’. That’s what I’m doing next.

“Inspiration is for amateurs - the rest of us just show up and get to work”

—   Charles Thomas “Chuck” Close
Painter & photographer
It’s lunchtime in the office and Creative Review just emailed me a Twitter bird origami template… I think it’ll take all afternoon to perfect it!

Building my main bike up for a race. I take a lot of pleasure out of “fettling” bikes and I’m particularly proud of this one. It’s my own custom build Chumba VF2 and there are very few of them in the country.


Like all creative types, I’m obsessed with other people’s work. I can’t get enough of it - and there is no shortage of supply. For someone who is striving to produce beautiful, creative work it can be incredibly daunting to see just how talented other people are. In fact at times, it can be off-putting. But I try to avoid this way of thinking and just enjoy good creative work wherever I find it… and the best part is, good work can be found just about anywhere if you have your eyes open.

Some days, when I’m frustrated with something I am trying to do, it occurs to me that maybe I shouldn’t be a designer after all. Maybe I’m not ‘good enough’. Maybe I’m not meant to be actually making things - maybe I am misinterpreting my love of good creative work. Maybe I should find something else to do and just enjoy other people’s work without letting it stress me out.  Then I realise that’s not how this works. I don’t just enjoy looking at other people’s work; I’m inspired by it. The nature of inspiration is that it demands action.

So I like to curate collections of other people’s work that inspires me, and if you’re interested you can check them out on my Behance profile:


Graphic Design


Watercress soup & crusty bread
Muniza’s favourite soup so I made it for lunch. Leftovers for my dinner.

Made By Hand

I stumbled upon this website some time ago. I loved it straight away and keep coming back. It is simple, and beautiful in both its purpose and its execution.

It has been a huge inspiration to me and has helped me to understand the value of making. I’m amazed by the incredible skill and the humility of the people in the films.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”


Karen Lamb.

I started my blog today.